Consistency for Branded Construction Businesses.

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Consistency for Branded Construction Businesses.

The construction industry has been realigning towards digital output, we don’t mean the large global brands like Caterpillar but the local companies such as McCrory Access, Housing LMS, etc… Businesses need to adapt their branding (identities) in line with this new era. Visually, old identities don’t cut it. They need to be fresh and relevant to today’s audiences. 

A brand is more than a logo, it’s not even what you say, it’s how you make them feel – and every time they look at your logo they’ll feel something different. We bring passion and creativity every day to connect people with the story of a construction business. These are the tools we use through Branding, Design, and Marketing for leading construction companies to propel their brand value in an effort to stand out as an innovator in the marketplace.

The old ways of doing things (not the best, mind you), won’t cut it in an ever-changing digital future. It’s time to unlock design thinking methods

The construction industry is going through a significant paradigm shift. What was once a stodgy industry that valued consistency and tradition, has transformed into a technology-driven environment in which necessity breeds change. Traditional marketing strategies are not enough to foster brand awareness and gain the trust of a tech-savvy audience. The old ways of doing things (not the best, mind you), won’t cut it in an ever-changing digital future. It’s time to unlock design thinking methods and apply them to the vision of the identity so the flexibility can adapt – start from scratch by defining your USP.


The ‘We Do Construction’ story needs more transparency within today’s environment. The storytelling of a construction company is the foundation for a unique identity. If there is no consistency or clarity the name just looks like a family-owned business. Lack of interest or lack of focus. 


A strong and consistent brand identity is essential to convey a clear, consistent, and memorable message across all communication channels. It is vital to the success of any business, product, or service. 


A strong brand identity can:


  • Achieve market recognition and build a reputation
  • Create a common corporate image
  • Provide guidance in marketing communications
  • Enable the company to develop its own unique style
  • Improve business performance


Brand Identity is a big part of the construction industry. Consistency of message is one factor in how to get from point ‘A’ to point ‘B’. PurpleSheep has found that some construction companies don’t have a true brand identity. The construction industry going digital is an opportunity for the construction industry to improve its brand. A strong brand identity is essential in achieving your vision and mission statement. The construction industry needs to go through a brand alignment process. Brand alignment is critical to achieving the vision, mission statement, and success of your company. Brand alignment aligns with company values. It’s important that the company values reflect in the logo design and its messaging. A consistent messaging throughout all platforms, so it doesn’t look like a family-owned business but a more professional-looking business. If consistency is not there, it gives off the appearance of a disorganised business and a lack of interest in the public eye.


Brand Messaging – The visual design of your company should clearly communicate the benefits of working with you, as well as its expertise and values. Consistency – It is important for your company to have a set of design standards that are applied consistently across all materials and marketing efforts. This will make it easier for consumers to identify your brand, and also reinforce its message. 


Vision – A clear vision of your organisation’s identity will help you maintain focus across all campaigns and initiatives, making sure that every initiative has a consistent look and feel. Flexibility – Your brand identity needs to be sufficiently flexible to adapt to the changing needs of your organization. This means it must be able to accommodate new initiatives, products, markets, and so on without losing its value or integrity.


Design Systems – Design systems are sets of tools that can help you maintain consistency in all aspects of your branding efforts. These include things like logos, color palettes, typography standards, and so on. Without them, each initiative will end up looking like it was developed. Hiring a design team like PurpleSheep adds power to the image. On occasions, companies have got an employee to design the company logo in Powerpoint or other wrong software applications. Companies encounter major issues down the line, such as not being adaptable for social media or uniforms etc.


PurpleSheep designed the McCrory Access identity that reflected the company’s mission and commitment to excellence, while also translating into a consistent brand experience across all touchpoints. McCrory’s goal is to become one of the most respected construction companies in their region. They employ highly skilled workers who are dedicated to quality service while maintaining a cost-effective business model. The company works closely with its clients to meet their needs and exceed their expectations on every project they undertake. Their goal is not only to provide exceptional service but also to build a long-lasting relationship with each client so they continue working with them for many years to come.