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Client: Millennium Court
Services: Branding, Art Direction, Graphic Design, Web Design

Design Thinking

Millennium Court – Connect, Create, Inspire.

Millennium Court’s brand identity encapsulates the spirit of innovation by seamlessly intertwining its historical architectural features with the vibrant essence of its surroundings. A fusion of the past and future, the brand becomes a living narrative that champions creative collaboration and visionary aspirations.

Similar to how the structure serves as a testament to time, the brand ethos maintains a dynamic balance between heritage and progress, inviting all to contribute to the ever-evolving story of artistic and business exploration and future possibilities.

At the Millennium Court, we are committed to delivering a high standard of facilities, for hosting a wide range of events…. We use this guide to show a cohesive approach that shows our vision: Connect-Create-Inspire. The identity is simple and flexible to deliver powerful brand messages consistency is required across all communications thus leaving a positive and lasting impression on the wider community.

“To be the leading community venue in Portadown by connecting people, community, and business through providing a high-quality and versatile shared space, and offering activities focused on increasing creativity and well-being.”

Millennium Court brand tone of voice is one of inspiration, as we strive to ignite the imagination and passion of individuals through the arts. We foster connections with our community and stakeholders, working together to lead and create a vibrant, impactful arts infrastructure. At Millennium Court, we embody an inspiring and uplifting tone of voice. We are driven to create a confident and vibrant arts culture by redefining the use of our space and renovating historical sites with the support of grant assistance.

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